Emergency Maintenance & Testing

Emergency Lighting – Maintenance and Testing

Once an emergency lighting scheme has been installed it is essential that the luminaires are maintained to ensure they are ready to perform in the event of an emergency.  As part of this, regular testing must be completed with a test record maintained for each luminaire.

The daily, monthly and annual tests are detailed below and observing these will help to ensure that the installation will meet the required lighting levels to provide sufficient escape route, open area or high risk task lighting.

Interruption of the supply to simulate a mains power failure should be carried out by the operation of a local key switch or other isolation device.

Visually check all green LED charge indicators are illuminated to ensure that the batteries are being charged.

Complete a short functional test on each emergency luminaire, isolating the power supply to check that it will illuminate in emergency mode.

To maintain the life of the battery this test should be for a short period only, sufficient to ensure that each luminaire has illuminated from the battery supply (normally less than 10 minutes).

Conduct a 3 hour full duration test on each emergency luminaire, isolating the power supply to confirm that the battery retains the capacity to provide emergency lighting for 3 hours.

All monthly and annual tests should be updated on the maintenance check record which is supplied with all Eterna emergency luminaires (additional copies are available online from Eterna).

NOTE: Due to the possibility of a power failure occurring shortly after the annual 3 hour test or during the subsequent recharge period, all full duration tests shall wherever possible be undertaken preceding a time of low risk to allow for battery recharge.