• Installing luminaires with integrated occupancy sensors is an excellent way to maximise energy savings and minimise lighting costs – an ideal solution for lighting public or shared spaces to prevent lights remaining illuminated at full output when the area is unoccupied
  • Eterna luminaires incorporate sensors designed to automatically turn off or dim light output when there is no presence detected, meaning the lights are only fully on when the area needs to be lit – saving money and saving energy
  • Our on/off microwave range completely turns off after a period with no presence detection to maximise energy savings
  • The Eterna step dim / corridor mode range will dim output to 10% when no presence is detected – a useful option to offer energy savings whilst maintaining a reduced light output
  • All sensors have adjustable sensitivity to suit the application and have integral daylight sensors to determine the ambient light level at which these will operate
  • Eterna can offer assistance and guidance for your project and for all EternaPro products can provide .ies files or a free bespoke lighting design service, simply complete the online form on our website HERE

Standard ON/OFF Microwave Sensor

  • Adjustable microwave sensor: with options to adjust 2-50 lux or disable, detection range 10-100% and time 5 secs – 15 mins
  • The microwave sensor is discreetly placed behind the diffuser: making it unobtrusive so there is no compromise to the appearance of the fitting or the room design

Step Dim (Corridor Mode) Microwave Sensor

  • Operation at 100% light level after last presence detection, reducing to 10% light output after installer selected time delay
  • Delay time to 10% operation adjustable: • 5 sec • 30 sec • 1 min • 5 min • 15 min • 30 min
  • 30~150° detection angle
  • 12~18m adjustable detection range: • 100% • 75% • 50% • 25% • 10%
  • Daylight sensitivity adjustment: • 2Lux • 5Lux • 10Lux • 30Lux • 50Lux • Photocell Disable
  • Detection is possible through doors, glass panels and thin walls