VIP Application Form

See below for the benefits of becoming a VIP stockist:

  • VIP delivery rate – FREE carriage charge on orders over £100 (orders placed before 3pm)
  • DPD parcel delivery text/email tracking service notifications
  • 2% stock cleanse
  • Inclusion on our stockist finder on the Eterna website
  • Free display board (choose from 3 styles)
  • Free catalogue stand with Eterna catalogues (170x235x340mm)
  • “Eterna Approved Stockist” window and counter sticker
  • Dedicated VIP free phone number
  • Dedicated VIP email address
  • VIPs will be the first to know about our new products and special offers
  • Special VIP competitions
  • Multiple copies of Eterna sales and marketing literature

Fill in the above form if you would like to become an “Approved Stockist”

VIP Freebies

As a VIP, you can choose to have one of our 600 x 1200mm pre-wired & fully working display boards – please choose which one you would like on the online form. Eterna are also giving away FREE Eterna catalogue stands with the latest brochures to VIP members. Please see below for details:

Display Board
Option 1

Display Board Option 1 Contains:

  • 30W LED Low Bay
  • 7W LED Bulkhead
  • 50W High Output LED Floodlight
  • 30W LED Integrated Bulkhead

Display Board
Option 2

Display Board Option 2 Contains:

  • LED Colour Selectable Carina
  • 11W LED Bulkhead
  • 12W LED Eyelid Diffuser Wall Light
  • 6W LED Mini Full Diffuser Wall Light
  • 18W Opal Diffuser Amenity Wall Light

Display Board
Option 3

Display Board Option 3 Contains:

  • LED Non Maintained Bulkhead
  • 4W LED Exit Box Sign
  • 45mm LED Non Maintained Downlight
  • IP65 LED Twinspot

With Brochures

Catalogue stand with brochures also available. Please tick the relevant box on the form, if you would also like one of these to be sent to you.

Click for terms & conditions

  • Conditions of Eterna Very Important Partners Program:
  • Participation with Eterna’s Very Important Partner (VIP) Program is by invitation only.
  • The VIP invitation is effective until 31/12/2018. Membership of the VIP Program is on an annual basis and is based on the understanding that you will positively develop EternaPro business on an ongoing basis.
  • Members will receive rolling 3 monthly reviews from their local Eterna Key Account Manager (KAM) to assess progress & agree development plans.
  • Members will be entitled to a 2% Stock Cleanse. Conditions to the Stock Cleanse are as follows:


1. Eterna will undertake a stock cleanse no more than twice per annum.

2. Eterna agree a stock cleanse up to a maximum of 2% of the annual purchases.

3. Eterna agree a stock cleanse with a compensating order equivalent to up to 2 times the value of the stock cleanse.

4. Members agree to fax or post a list of the items you are requesting to return for Eterna’s evaluation. Until such time that your request has been agreed no debit note should be raised.

5. Members have the agreed cleanse material returned, via your appointed Carrier – at your cost within 14 days of receiving an authorisation number.

6. Members do not write or attach labels to the outer carton.



I. Any product that is greater than 1 year old.

II. Any product that has been adapted or specially manufactured.

III. Any product that is damaged or has defaced or dirty packaging, such that it cannot be re-sold “as new”.

IV. Any product which is not in the current Eterna product range at the time of cleanse or has been purchased & identified as obsolete or clearance stock.

V. Any seasonal product (e.g. heating).

VI. Creation of a debit note for an unauthorised return.

VII. Creation of a debit note that is greater than the value of the authorised cleanse.

VIII. Issuing of a debit note in advance of a stock cleanse being authorised.

IX. Failure to return the good stock within the authorised period.

  • Eterna reserves the right to withdraw membership of the VIP program should a member fail to demonstrate partnership values.
  • Membership may also be withdrawn should a member exhibit behaviours or practices contrary to the goals and values of Eterna.
  • Members will receive 30 days notice, if they are to be removed from the VIP program.
  • Any free product, samples, Point-of-sale, catalogues stands, available to VIP members remains the property of Eterna. Eterna reserves the right to withdraw these product with 30 days notice to a member.