Flush mounted 360º internal PIR detector

White | IPX4


icon-ipx4  icon-360-pir  


White | IPX4


icon-ipx4  icon-360-pir  

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SKU: 5013845024952
More Information

Hole cut out size: 63mm

  • Time on adjustable: 10 sec – 15 min
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Adjustable lux level
  • 4.5 metre detection zone
  • 360° detection area
  • Max 2000W incandescent / 500W fluorescent load capacity. Max 250W LED load capacity (no more than eight lights)
  • Recessed spring clip flush fixing: unobtrusive when installed
  • M.O.M: 1 / O.P.Q: 4

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What size hole cut-out is required?


Can multiple PIRFM360 be linked to control the same load?

We do not recommend using more than one PIR to control the same load

Does this PIR have a minimum load?


What is the maximum load?

2000W incandescent
500W fluorescent
250W LED (maximum ten lights)

What adjustment controls are there?

Lux and time can be adjusted. The controls can be found on the body of the fitting

What is the detection area?

360° – approximate diameter of 4.5m when installed at 3m height