Single fused A Rated RCD spur






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Simple to install, fused RCD spur, perfect for electrical protection of permanently installed products such as refrigeration units and hand dryers

  • Highly stable and reliable polycarbonate construction, with raised square profile and screwed faceplate
  • Type A rated to ensure tripping for residual a.c. currents and pulsating d.c. currents
  • 13A fused spur with “passive” 30mA RCD protection at less than 40ms (typical)
  • Complete with TEST button
  • Mechanical latching (no need to reset after power loss)
  • M.O.M: 5 / O.P.Q: 60

Why change from AC to A rating?

The wiring regulations BS7671:2018 AMD 2 (2022) Issued March 2022, states that RCD Type AC can only be used when the load current contains no known DC components. Therefore it is advisable for the more recent A rated RCDs be used wherever the AC supply is converted by the appliance, to the required DC level for the internal operation of the electronic control components, in such as IT equipment, multimedia, washing machines and lighting controls.


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Why choose ‘A’ Rated RCD?

‘A‘ rated RCDs (now specified as a requirement by UK Building Regulations) have similar Alternating Current protection as ‘AC’ type RCDs with the added benefit of protection associated with the Direct Current (DC) circuits which are commonly found in the internal componentry of many electrical / electronic devices.